Wendy Fiore

Wendy Fiore is a Chicagoan currently residing in Southern California where she is shooting for her site wendy4.com.

Her exotic features and curvaceous, all natural body started gaining popularity in 2006 with her Myspace page, www.myspace.com/milehighcaptain which featured candid photos. Wendy has been featured on many sites such as Playboy and Maxim UK. Wendy also has experience in many different media outlets such as radio, print, advertising and has worked with many sites including Actiongirls.com and SportsbyBrooks.com which included international events and is still featured as one of their top models.

Being the youngest girl in a large family, Wendy is use to being the center of attention but takes the good with the bad and takes time to remind herself that people, “only get what they give.” She also is apart of all the major social networking websites, realizing that without them she would never be able to start her own site, stating that she “takes time out for people who take time out for her.” She says her supporters are “not only ‘fans’ but are actually friends, because there have been people who I have been corresponding with for years.”

With Wendy’s popularity swelling by the day, she hopes that she can have continued success within the interpersonal relationships that she’s developed and still builds today, saying that her site, Wendy4.com and her members “are a safe spot.”


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